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Dr. Siyaaram

Welcome to DR. SIYAARAM ACADEMY, a centre for special children.

Dr. Siyaaram Academy was established with a mission to  help children with learning  and behavior problems in the year 1990. A social cause of making the special children socially independent and thereby help parents of  special children  to understand the real potential of  their children. At Siyaaram, we  support, train, teach and thereby empower special children to be socially Independent.  In this mission we understand the pain, agony  of parents,  clarity they seek about the children and technical support they require the nurture these young ones. Started with just two special children as a coaching centre today a full time school  with more than 1000 children impacted and more than 500 students have developed as equal to normal children and joined regular schools.Now in 2013 Dr.Siyaaram Academy is operating three centre in Tamilnadu:  Chitlapakkam, KK Nagar and Pondicherry with more than 120 children.