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Frequently Asked Questions…

1Who is a special child ?

A child with disability in learning and using certain skills is called special child.

2.What is Learning Disability? ?

             Learning disability is Difficulty in understanding or in using language, spoken or written. Imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or do mathematical calculations.

3. What kind of children are studying here ?

Children with learning difficulties, Autism, dyslexia, ADHD, slow learners 4.Which teaching methodology you follow ?

Special children require teaching methodology which is different from the regular schools curriculum. Also it depends upon the children’s learning pattern. Hence our teaching methodology is customized and different for each and every child studying here

5. What syllabus is followed ?

As mentioned earlier we follow our own and customized syllabus. As a parent you will be explained the curriculum and the skill building plan we design for your child. It would be explained time to time

6. As a parent can I visit your classroom ?

Yes. However considering the benefit of our children we would arrange such a visit to our parents. It would be arranged and informed to parents time to time
7. What are the therapies you provide to develop my special child ?

The following are the therapies followed for all age group.

1.Occupational therapy

2. Speech therapy

3.Behaviour modification therapy

4. Physiotherapy if needed.

5.Music & Art therapy

8. How long it will take for my child to get normal ?

Development of special children is vastly dependent on parent, teacher cooperation and joint effort. Without analyzing the child’s current status one should not comment exactly  how much time it will take,  However many parents have seen an improvement within three months and a near normal changes approximately in 2-3 years, sometimes it may take more time also.

9.Are your teaching faculties are specially trained for such children ?

Yes, our teaching and support faculties are specially trained and we focus, conduct periodic training for our teaching faculties not only within also by external trainers.

10. Are there any additional services you provide after school hours for my special child ?

Yes, we do provide additional coaching; training if necessary for your child. However it’s not common for all. Its purely based on the need of the children.

11. What support you provide to parents to help my child ?

Parent training is one of the most important area we insist and we conduct regular parent trainings.  Also we have a system that any time during the school hours a parent can reach us to seek help or guidance to handle their special child with prior appointment.

12. Will my child get cured by studying in special school ?

The first thing we need to understand is learning disability is not a disease to cure. It’s a condition to understand and a difficulty to support. As a team parent and school work together we work through various teaching methods and activities we make your child “Socially Independent”.

13. What things i can do at home to help my child to do her/his best in school?

You may come at your convenience between 11am and 2pm to learn something from us.

14.What are the best way for me to stay touch with class teachers to be informed of academic or behavioural progress ?

Get an appointment with the teacher and can meet her.

15. My child knows to speak,if i ask question he is not answering,what to d such a circumstances?

Put leading question and give literal support for him/her to answer .

16. Will my child get cured by studying in special school?

There is no cure for this kind of disability but they can certainly manage themselves(depending upon the percentage of disability).

17. I have transferred my child from normal school,he had a learning problem of disability.But still he could not read the sentences.What to do?

Changing from normal school is not alone a solution. Need to work with him a lot to see a significant improvement.

18. Is my child properly eating in school?


19. Can you keep school in saturday?


20. My child should read fluently without spelling the word?

Training given in school alone is not enough. You need to work him with a lot.

21. Are games are conducted here?

Yes. We have a play area in our campus.

22. My child is having some routine habits.How can i stop that?

You can give some other work and divert.